09/10/2020 15:38:37

Effective Supervision eLearning Module - Out Now!

Blue Stream Academy
Blue Stream Academy is pleased to announce the release of our brand new module - Effective Supervision.
Effective regular and ongoing supervision is vital for everyone working in health and social care. Does your organisation have a recognised and robust system in place for the delivery of supervision? Do you know what effective supervision is and the crucial benefits it can provide for service users, members of staff, and health and social care organisations?
Our Effective Supervision module covers several key areas, including: what the functions and benefits of supervision are, why supervision is essential in order to provide high-quality care for those using a service, how supervision helps in supporting those who are providing that care, sometimes in challenging circumstances, within an organisation that is accountable and meeting required standards.
Starting with identifying the signs that there are issues with supervision within an organisation, this module looks at the aims of supervision and who should provide it, information on suitable training for supervisors, the importance of the relationship between a supervisor and their supervisee, and how access to appropriate formal supervision can deliver significant benefits, including increased job satisfaction and better staff retention rates.
If you'd like any further information or a free trial on this module, please get in touch with a member of the team on info@bluestreamacademy.com
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